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Piano Transport

Speak with our RENAISSANCE piano service department on 020 3773 1115

RENAISSANCE Piano Movers UK & International

We offer professional grade piano logistics with our team of UK and international piano movers.

When using our RENAISSANCE piano movers you will benefit from:

  • Peace of mind – We are a fully insured and a specialist piano shop business.
  • High skill set – Our team are professional piano handlers fully trained in the art of piano moving.
  • Safe and secure – Nothing stands in our way with our expert knowledge of navigating staircases, lifts and tight corners.
  • Pleasant calm experience – Trusting friendly staff mean happy customers! We only employ staff who are help us deliver the best customer service.
  • Competitive pricing – Moving pianos are not the cheapest items to ship so we make it easier on our client’s wallets by charging fair honest prices.