Bechstein Upright Piano Model II – Reconditioned

C. Bechstein Model 2 Upright Piano in Rosewood
C. Bechstein Model 2 Upright Piano in Rosewood
C. Bechstein Model 2 Upright Piano in Rosewood
C. Bechstein Model 2 Upright Piano
Inside C. Bechstein Model 2 Upright Piano



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Previously restored Model II Bechstein upright piano for sale, in thick re-polished rosewood cabinet. With a quality Bechstein upright piano model you are re-assured by the all-round quality of touch, response and sound… our piano has it all. This slightly rare Bechstein upright piano has a distinctively rich sound, plus a warm deep bass tone and clear mid to top range. Additionally, the piano’s cabinet is made up of beautifully crafted solid thick rosewood panels which provide an unforgettable resonance.


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All of our Classic, Rare and Collectable pianos are professionally restored or reconditioned at our London showroom...

Piano Information

This beautiful Bechstein upright piano for sale is believed to be of the Model II design, which were built in the 1880’s-1900’s. This piano is in excellent condition due to it being previously restored. Our Bechstein specialist technician is reconditioning the instrument to bring it up to a current fresh showroom standard.

Classic, Rare and Collectable Pianos
There are many reasons why people buy classic, rare and collectable pianos, however most of these types of pianos tend to be very old. It is because of this piano buyers must make sure that they are buying a piano that has been either professionally restored or reconditioned. At Renaissance our showroom specialist piano technicians are experts in these types of classic pianos delivering quality re-builds, restorations and reconditioning every time.

Buying a Bechstein Piano
C. Bechstein are perhaps one of the Europe’s most widely recognised German piano makers. This is arguably due to Bechstien pianos having fantastic actions with most of their models sounding distinctively rich and pure. Arguably Bechstein upright piano models were mostly popular, and are still very much sort after today! Buyers look at buying a classic Bechstein piano for a number of reasons, however well restored collectable editions fetch quite a fair bit of money. Nonetheless, this is still a great deal less money then what they are sold for new today, making a restored Bechstein piano a good choice for a reasonably priced quality instrument.

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We aim to have your piano delivered within 2 weeks but this can vary around busy periods. If the piano you are ordering is currently being worked on or is scheduled to be worked on then please take this into consideration when expecting delivery as this is in addition to our 2 week delivery period.

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