Bluthner Model V11 Grand Piano Rebuilt by Bluthner

Blüthner model V11 Grand Piano Rebuilt by Blüthner



1904 Blüthner model V11 Grand Piano Rebuilt by Blüthner in Black Gloss.

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Blüthner model V11 Grand Piano Rebuilt by Blüthner

Originally built in 1904, this Blüthner Style VII grand Piano has been fully rebuilt by Bluthner's in London

As with all Blüthner rebuilds, it has had a new soundboard to restore the full rich Blüthner sound.

The tuning plank has also been replaced, and these two new items together (manufactured using modern glues) will ensure the longevity and tuning stability of this fine instrument.

All rebuilt Blüthner pianos are re-strung and new tuning pins fitted

It also had a complete new roller action together with a new set of keys fitted.

Finished in a stunning Black Ebony Polish, this piano has modern style square tapered legs, and a modern style music desk fitted, and therefore looks very much like a new Blüthner

Length 6’3” (190cm)



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Blüthner Pianos remains a family run business having been established by Julius Blüthner in a studio in Leipzig, 1853. Julius began manufacturing pianos with just three other craftsman but the success of their work meant that, by 1900, Blüthner had become the largest piano maker in Germany, producing some 5,000 instruments annually. In 1890 Blüthner built a new factory with space for 1200 workers and while most competitors looked inwards, Julius Blüthner looked to export to the rest of Europe.

Blüthner has always been visually innovative, with an impressive range of Design Pianos and exquisite pianos such as the Blüthner PH Grand, but it has also been musically exploring the mechanics of tone such as with the creation of the Aliquot string, an added fourth string which vibrates sympathetically, cylindrical soundboards and angle cut hammers, creating Blüthner’s unique Gloden Tone.

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