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New Video! 1924 Steinway Model M Grand Piano Available Now

By Daniel Handley

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We are incredibly excited to have this gorgeous 1924 Steinway Model M grand piano in our new grand piano studio at the rear of our store! More info on the grand piano studio coming soon in an upcoming post!

This is one of the most reasonably priced Steinway Model M London has to offer! Come and visit our showroom on Myddleton Road, N22 8NE to play this remarkable Steinway M grand piano form the “Golden Age” of Steinway manufacturing.

Check out our amazing Steinway Model M being played in our Grand Piano Studio. It is currently available to purchase and it can be viewed online here:

This 1924 Steinway Model M is from the “Golden Age” of Steinway manufacturing. The cabinet has been professionally french polished and is a mahogany wood. The soundboard, the pin block, pins, strings and action are all in excellent condition.

The piano is a joy to play, with the classic Steinway M Grand piano tone and action response. We have been pleasantly informed by a Steinway technician that our piano has an improved bass sound than the usual Steinway M grand piano he hears. The piano has been set up to the authentic Steinway grad piano settings which were recommended to us by a Steinway & Sons trained technician.

If you are looking to buy a Steinway grand piano London has a lot to offer, but here at Renaissance you will get fabulous pianos at reasonable prices.

Our 1924 Steinway Model M is a prime example of what we offer our customers. The price is at a respectful level with still the same level of quality in piano as other competitors. We also off one of the longest warranties in the piano trade of 10 years giving our customers peace of mind when buying at Renaissance.

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